A photoshoot is possible from €95,- or more excl. travel costs.


Travel costs

If the location is within a reach of 50km in total from RidderkerkI do not charge travel costs, if it is more than 50km in total I charge 0,19 cents per km. The first 50 km is for me.



You can choose a location such as the forest, beach etc. Or we can choose a location close to you, or if your stable and the surroundings are beautiful this could also be an option. If you are doubting about location do not mind to send me a message so that we can discuss this!

Guidance from me

If you book a shoot with my I will guide you in what types of clothes and colours to wear and during the shoot I will guide you and your partner, horse or dog with poses. So that you get beautiful photo's with a connection between you and your partner wether it be a human or animal. You can also send me examples of poses that you like.


For equine photography  I work with a photo halster which is easily photoshopped so that it looks like the horse stands free. The photo halter is strong and has a rope with what you can lunge the horse for action photo's if wanted. The photo halter is strong and will not break quickly if the horse pulls.


After the shoot

Afterwards I will select all my favourite photos and send you an example of these so that you can choose your favourites. After I have received your favourites I will edit the photos and send them to you by wetransfer. You can expect my photo's between 7 to 21 days after the shoot.

The packages are 

Package 1 small €95,-

- 8 photos on high resolution

- 2 photos for free printed. Choice: 2x 10x15 or 1x 20x30. 

- 45 - 60min

Package 2: €125,-
- 12 photos on high resolution

- 2 photos for free printed. Choice: 2x 10x15 or 1x 20x30. 

- 45 - 60min

Package 3: €155,-
- 15 photo's on high resolution

- 2 photos for free printed. 2 times 20x30. 

- +- 60min


Things to know

- Sometimes a horse/dog is really easy/

photogenic, then there is a possibility

that the photoshoot takes less time.

If a horse is not comfortable or does 

not want to look the way we want

I have some tricks and we take our

time. I always respect the horse and 

give the horse the time it needs.

- I know some beautiful locations

so if you can go on location and 

are interested sent me a dm and we

can discuss these.

- I also do shoots from humans, 

groups, families and couples. The 

same packages count for these shoots.

- The average time for a shoot is 45-60 minutes but we do not stress about this time. I always take my time, especially is an animal is a bit stressed. 

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