Prints. Nowadays we have a lot devices on which we can look at our photo's, so why would we still make prints?! This blog is inspired by Peter Eastway, a photographer of Tales by Light.

At first, Every powerful photograph has a powerful story behind it. What I really

agree with Peter Eastway is the love for photographing, it is about the opportunity to express yourself by taking a photograph of an object, a location or an organism and express that photograph in a way that is your own, in a unique way. It's about creating an image that inspires you and hopefully also other people. At least Peter's photo's inspire me. What I do want to add but what is also a bit similar to inspiration is that I want to show people the beauty of the object, location or human being that many people forget or do not see.

Peter Eastway 'Photography is not just about capture, it's also about interpreting, about showing to other people what it is that you felt about what you photographed.' Followed by 'That what you have corrested into a format that you like then you turn it into a print. A print is an image with a life of its own.' The way of processing prints has changed from the early days, the technology has gone fast in the past years. BUT.. The power of the print remains the same!

A print has a presence, you can walk up and look at the sharpness, the contrast, de detail in the image, the beauty.. And THAT according to Peter Eastway is when you really experience a photograph. And I couldn't agree more!

When you come home from a busy day of work and this beautiful print is hanging on the wall, you take a minute of silence and just look at the image, at the detail, the scharpness, the beauty... That is when you really experience the photograph.

"A good print makes a photo more alive than it already was, it takes you up in the moment."


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