What's in my photography bag? - horse photography trip

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Phew, I was just on time! On the 8th of February, just before this whole Corona-crisis started, I drove my way back to the Provence for a week of photographing at the farm and seeing friends. I was planning on writing a blog about what was in my back for a whole week of horse photography, but with only 6 days there, a 3-6 horses per day to photograph and friends to see I did not have the time to write. Currently, in the Netherlands we have a ‘lock-down’ light, which means that there are no events and you can still go out in the park and do some shopping but you can’t be with more than 3 persons together and you need to keep away as much as possible from other people. So since I have my weekend off doing not so much I thought why not write this blog anyway?

Just before I went to France I bought a new photography bag. Since the 10 years that I have been photographing I never had a bag that really fulfilled my needs, there was always something missing. In november I stood on Paris de la Photo, a big photography event in Paris for Disnet (photography accessory supplier) and two guys from Wandrd where there too, they showed me their bags and told me how it was made to survive in the mountains of Utah and I was directly interested. The bag has a great weatherproof material and you can insert a part for your photography gear so you can use the rest of thee back for other space. You can fit a laptop AND tablet, for me great when I carry my Wacom tablet with me and it fits a water bottle! So I bought it just before I went to France.

In France my subjet was horse photography (soon a blog about this). So I took with me a Sony a7III, a Sony f/2.8 24-70, a Sony f/4.0 70-200 and a Sony f/1.8 55mm. If you ask me, the 70-200 is the most important lens to bring when shooting horses, since the distortion is minimal and your background still gets blurry due to the distance you take. The 24-70 I bring to photograph landscapes with horses in it so the horse has only a small role in the photo. The 55mm is only additional, I take it just in case I see someone and want to make a beautiful portrait or when I see details that I want to shoot.

Furthermore I had two photography halters with me, a map with my SD cards, my Wacom tablet S and of course my computer. These were my most essential things to bring :)

Here you see some examples of where I use which gear for (e.g. the photo halters, my telelens and my wide angle)


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