What's in my camerabag??- Trip Provence

I have been thinking about doing a 'What's in my camerabag?' for a little while. I thought it would be even better to do it during my trip in the Provence! So this blog will be all about what is in my camerabag and why, for what I use it. So if you are interested in what gear I use here, keep on reading!

So on the right you can see all my gear what I brought with me- I know I brought a lot.. - I will start with the hardware and then go over to the accesoires.

So as a first I brought the Sony a7rii with me which is a full frame system camera with 42 mp, a real working horse, I really love this camera and it is great at low light!! Some people may say that it is too slow for horse/wildlife photography and it is true that this camera is not build on speed but for me it works fine, it is also part of knowing your object and being able to time when you need to click. With this camera I brought 3 lenses which are the Sony FE 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G OSS for horses and possibly some wildlife, the Sony Zeiss FE 24-70 f/4.0 OSS for the wide angle AND what I do think and I know many photographers agree with me the MUST HAVE lens in your camera bag, which is the Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 which I use most of all for detail, portaits(humans, no horses!- the horse's body get's out of porportion). This last lens is in many brands as a 50mm!

Then secondly I brought my top APS-C camera with me which is the Sony a77 II which is build on speed and I just love this camera, it is fast, it holds amazing in my hands. I brought this with me in combination with the Sony 70-200 f/2.8 G SSM II which I originally brought with me for horse portraits because of the 2.8 diafragm, horses do best at 200mm or more because of the distortion. Another a-mount set that I brought with me is the Sony a55 with the standard lens(18-55) which I brought with me as an back-up camera and if I would go horse riding and I wanted to bring a camera with me.

Next to that I brought the Sony CX625 which is great if I need to film a horse for sale or there is a birth going on or I want to film the foals. As another 'film' camera I brought my Sony as200vr which is an action cam, no matter if you I will use it, I'll always bring it with me on a trip, it has nearly no weight and it is small. If I don't bring it and need it I'll be disappointed that I didn't bring it with me.

ACCESOIRIES! So as a first I have my Redged tripod with it's standard ballhead, and then I have the Benro GH2 swing head, which is an amazing head for a tripod, very smooth and you can move fast, it is also good if you sometimes make some video's, like I do something here, when moving the video is a lot smoother than with an normal one, ofcourse it is not specifically build for video but for me it works great! Next to that I brought my Samsung mini tablet which is my portfolio, ofcourse not to be missed MEMORY CARDS! I have one extra battery for my action cam, 2 batteries for my a77 II(they last very long), 3 batteries for the a7rii and a55, they are somewhat smaller and so also last a little less long. Then ofcourse a quick release plate so I can easily put my camera's on my tripod. Ofcourse not to be missed battery loaders! 2 neck straps which can be very usefull, my MAGIC CLEANING CLOTH from chipclean, I have always been messing around with cleaning cloths, I couldn't always get all the dust or dirt from my lens, my father came with this one and I was blown away by how well this cleaning cloth works, actually I have two but the other one is in my handbag, I can't go nowhere with my camera gear without this cleaning cloth. And as a last my lens closers and usb sticks.

For this trip I am using the ThinkTank International V2.0 which fits everything and it is very easy to bring with you because it is a trolly. When you are bringing a lot of heavy gear with you that is just heaven! In the front it fits my 17 inch asus laptop and it has a lock which I attach on my laptop case so no-one can secretly steal my laptop out of my back while the trolly is rolling behind me on a airport for example!

So this was my 'What's in my camera bag?' If you have questions about it, about the gear or what I should bring with me if I couldn't bring this much please send me a message and I am more than happy to answer it!

Xoxo Lisa

'Don't pack up your camera until you have left the location!'

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