Bungee jumping, jumping from rocks, partying, eating, dansing with children, tanning.. You may have seen it in the video of the season, you may already know what I did last summer, you may already have guessed it. But what did I really do?

Somewhere around October I posted a video, a recap of the whole season, in which you could see how our season was, but only a tiny bit of the video is work, the rest is having fun with colleagues, going on adventures, wandering in the Gorges du Verdon. Then you should have been able to guess it by the few working shots..

The start of July I went to the camping which I have been visiting since I was a little child. This camping, called Domaine Chasteuil-Provence, is a family camping based in the Gorges du Verdon close to Castellane. One of the most beautiful regions in France. The camping is located on a quiet location a bit further away from Castellane but still in reach of 15 minutes by car. Chasteuil-Provence longes at the sides of the Verdon which has really shaped this camping, where people find coolness and where children and teens enjoy themselves endlessly.

Spring 2017 I decided together with the owner Isabelle that I would come to work as an animator on the camping during the season 2017 together with her daughter Lou. I have known Lou since I came to the camping as a child, at that time we communicated with our hands, following by English and now in English or French. So that was so much fun to work together on the animation with her!

In the morning we had the miniclub, for children of the age 4+, during this activity we drew, painted or crafted, We even created a photowall!. Followed by sportive activity, minidisco (dansing with the children), a walk over the camping with crafts or sound, or a musical night. Then sometimes we also had an evening for adults, where we would organise a bingo, poker etc. Every Wednesday and Sunday night we had the welcome drink where Isabelle would give a little introduction about the camping, Lou and me about the animation, Pierre and Isabelle about the hikes and I noticed that I also was many times busy advising people about hikes, the musts to do and activities in the surroundings - which I absolutely loved!

I have had a beautiful season, a real dream come true. Part of this is from our amazing team, so much laughters, so much adventures. I could not have pictured this any better! As you could have seen in the video of the season we bungee jumped in Gorges de Daluis also called the red mountains, about this I also made a full video!

Working as an animator in the tourism segment really opened my eyes to certain things, such as how much I LOVE the tourism segment, guiding people, working with children and working in a team. Next to that I also learned a lot, being an animator is not only enjoying the clients(mainly children) in order to do this you also need to organise, being creative, seeing which activity is loved and which is not, communicating in different languages and different ways of communicating and of course being the business card of the camping!

Last season I also made a Video of the Season.

Soon more!!! XOXO Lisa

"Dream big, work hard and make it happen!!"

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