So Thursday I arrived in Marseille after nearly 3 hours delay. Eventually only 100 of the 150 people could go on the flight, KLM sorted out names who would noyt go with this flight to Marseille. Luckily I wasn't in there!

So after nearly a three hour delay I arrived in Marseille around 5.15/5.30 pm. Where I was picked up. It is about an hour drive to Mouries where my old placement adress is located, a beautiful Lusitano studfarm at the end of the Provence. Luckily the weather was much better here. When I arrived it was half sunny and about 16-18 degrees Celcius.

I am here to make photo's/video's and it is foal season! We are waiting for two foals at the moment.

The last four days that I've had here, we have had some client visits where I made some photo's and video's of the horses and I am currently working on a little project for the farm which I am not going to reveal yet, so keep updated by my blogs for that!

It is nice to be back here, the Provence is such a magical place and this farm is absolutely amazing. It is also great how much these horses have grown, the three year olds are now becoming four years old and they have gone from a puppy horse to an adult horse. The foals of last year have nearly doubled in size.

One of these days a 'What's in my camera bag?' will be posted!

Xoxo Lisa

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