Trip to the Provence!

I have been counting the days since december, today it is the day. I am flying to Marseille! This time I am going to make my blog a little different. Why? I am having a 2 hour delay and I came up with the idea of just blogging my trip. What do you think of that?

Today I left at 9:30 am from home to schiphol. A storm was hitting the Netherlands and there were already lots of delays, luckily mine was still on schedule. Around 10:30 am I arrived at schiphol. I brought loads of photography gear, so I was picked out at the security to go through my whole ThinkTank trolley. A big shoutout to the security staff of KLM who really understood that they should be carefull with my staff and understood that I'd rather have them picking me out and checking everyting than getting all my gear out and putting in a basket with the fear of that it could have been stolen.

My flight was still on schedule at 11 am. I should fly at 12:30 pm. I ate an early lunch and went to my gate to wait for my flight. I watched some youtube video's in the meantime, a vlog from Jon Olsson. Followed by that the screen suddenly said Flight to Marseille 12:30 pm delayed to 2.30 pm. After the AirEurope flight to Madrid left I found a computer space and chair at the gate so I started watching some more youtube video's. Got a Starbucks frappuchino and came up with the Idea to go blogging during my whole trip, about my experiences, my time in the Provence, my photography etc. And now I am writing this blog.

My flight is still saying delayed to 2:30 pm so fingers crossed that the airplane will take flight at 2:30pm! The coming 1/1,5 hour I will go on with updating my website, which is highly needed. Probably I'll also work a bit on my study.

Soon I will make a 'What photography gear did I bring with me' blog!

Fingers crossed! Storms don't last forever!


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