Travel guide of the idyllic island Santorini

Santorini has been on my bucket list since forever. But as we decided to travel out of Europe first and then pursuade our van-life dream, we didn't expect to go here this soon. Normally our plans were to go to South Africa, which was on number 1 on my bucketlist since the start of my study in 2015. However, due to covid, we could not travel outside Europe so I booked a holiday to Santorini through my work.

We stayed at the beautiful Senses Boutique Hotel and discovered the whole island by car. We were loving it so much that we didn't want to leave. How can you want to leave such a beautiful place with such good food?

My favourite place for the beach was Yalos, a trendy hippie-like beach club on a black beach. The place was very remote so there was no mass-tourism. For eating we did not really have a favourite place... It was all so good.. The aubergine risotto at Aegean restaurant, the seabass at Anogi or the Gyros at Pitogyros... Mouthwatering good! If you are going to Santorini, definitely do not forget to visit Ammoudi bay. Oh and, please do the boat tour!! We were doubting at first as we read mixed reviews but definitely do it!!! It will be amazing

See my tips in the travel guide here.

See you on the next Santorini blog in which I discuss our stay and my photos more.

Xoxo Lisa

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