Nearly two weeks ago I would go hiking in the calanques with Lou & Nina (friends/camping colleagues). We saw some parts of Marseille, which impressed me a lot, poor vs rich... We went to a beautiful port, had a little Goûter... Pizza and Movie night... And not to forget.. We went to visit Mamie ❤!

I would be picking them up in Marseille and after the hike I would go with them to Draguignan with my car. So what happened was the following: In the morning Nina messaged me that there was a grève again (strike of public transport) and that they had arranged to ride to Luminy with other travellers. We would meet at 10.15 in Luminy, which was the double the time driving as the train station. So I was very lucky to have woken up earlier than needed Haha! I quickly jumped in my car and started driving. My navigation led me through Marseille, what a big city! I saw a beautiful port, and drove on roads that were all built under Marseille. Very interesting! However, I also saw another part of Marseille. The quarter itself didn't even look that bad, but at the intersection of the road people where walking in between the cars and begging for money, something not very pleasant to see... When driving more towards Luminy this got better as you are then going out of Marseille.

I arrived a little before Lou & Nina. I was waiting in my car, looking at the cars coming... And then I noticed this anthracite grey Toyota driving up the parking lot, a very familiar car... SURPRISE! Pierre and Isabelle - for the people who don't know this story, they are the owners of the camping and have been friends of my parents for many years - came with Lou & Nina. Such a nice surprise! All doing a hike together through the beautiful Calanques.

From there we started walking, we chose Calanque de Sugiton, a beautiful hike and a Calanque with magnificent views! We laughed, we appreciated nature, we catched up, we dove into our photography modus, we lost the path and decided to find it back through a little path hidden by bushes like a few mountain goats LOL! But above all.. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!

Coming back at the parking lot, Nina said to me "We will take 2 cars and then we will park yours at the supermarket where we will get some things and next we will take moms and dads car and there will be another surprise. So we went to the supermarché, where we got some things for a 'goûter' - a goûter is French for a small afternoon picknick with snacks - then we decided to take 2 cars because it was not at the next door and Lou, Nina and I had to go back to Draguignan. We drove all the way through Marseille which was.. How do I say that.. Impressive... The difference between rich&poor in this city is huge.. I am sure we drove through some... not the best quartiers.. I already had my roof closed but as it was 25 degrees Celsius and we 3 had walked for 5hours I still had one window open to get some fresh air. Then an enormous smell came into my car, as speedy Gonzales I closed my window, laughing at my action but at the same time being shocked of the situation. The following quartier was worse, we saw car wrecks alongside the roads, a market on the floor but also a lot of dirt and again the smell.. After this quartier we drove into a much better one, which was beautiful and located at the side of the coast. *Don't get me wrong, this is how I have seen Marseille until now, I haven't yet seen a lot of it and I honestly believe that it is a beautiful city with a lot of art, culture and sightseeing places!

We arrived at a port, where an old employee of the camping had its boat, we had a very nice Goûter, talked & laughed. At around 6 Nina, Lou and Me started our ride back to Draguignan were we had pizza and watched 'Le Camping', a comedy movie about the camping with stereotypical persons. Definitely a Must-Watch if you are a camper or if you have worked on a camping!

The following day we did some work, study etc. and we went to Mamie ❤, the grandmother of Lou & Nina who is also the previous owner of the camping. A woman who truly inspires me! Such a comedian, storyteller and strong woman in one! She showed us all the photos of the camping from the start till now, and told us many stories about a big Truite (fish) in front of the store, about her dogs, clients, the way it was at that time..

And then this beautiful weekend came to an end... 😊


"Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness"

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