The importance of locals and traditions

Why do we travel? What do you want to learn? Or discover ? What does it mean to you? For me travelling is about discovering cultures and new people. In order to learn to know these people...

I'd like to learn what they do in life, what they value, what their history is. But also from places. What do you think about when you think about the Provence? Do you think about the soaps they make? About the Shepards that lead there sheep through the mountains?

So that is why I decided to finally visit the Transhumance in Castellane. I've been saying for years that I wanted to go there, that I wanted to see the herd of sheep move through the city. And not to forget, to photograph it! Sadly enough there was no herd this year.. But don't think that the locals did not celebrate it! Cause they did, in special clothes through the city, rides on donkey's, a 'Marché Artisan'... There were also stands with books and games...

It connects me with the people, the culture.. It educates me.. Not only about what the people do, or what their traditions are, but it also helps me to realise how it is possible to be happy with so little! Something that we are often forgetting in this normal world full of digital devices, internet and luxury products..

The rest will be explained by my photo's :)

Have fun watching! If you want to see more photo's go follow me on Instagram ;) --> Lisa_kiburg


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