The importance of Fitness in my life

Sports and being able to move is one of the most important things in my daily life. I've always been pretty active. As a child I was always around the horses, we did the stable work but we also went on hikes for hours, when I got older at a certain point there were less horses in my life and at the age of 15 I started with fitness, at that time inspired by Kayla Itsines, I did only bodyweight workouts, which were amazing for me as I was travelling a lot and I was able to do them wherever I wanted.

Last september after I got back from my 7 month adventure in France I decided to get back in the gym and do more with weights. And surprising enough I liked this more than I had imagined... After about 2 months I suddenly started to see a crazy progress, which made me love it more, it boosted my motivation and brought me in a kinda addiction phase. At that time the gym was a habit, it did not only improve my physique and made me feel better in my skin but also mentally it gave me a good feel.

This was my progress after 2 months of weight training (3/4 times a week), next to that I also noticed changes in my form.

Although I am doing a lot of weight training I also try to incorporate some sort of cardio, so my condition keeps up too and my trainings exist of some sort of variation to keep it fun. I don't like running on the treadmill so I mostly warm up with 10 minute hill walking and about 3 to 4 times a week I incorporate HIIT in my trainings, mostly circuits of about 10/15 minutes.

However, I couldn't have done this without all the inspiration and tips from gymshark athletes Whitney Simmons and Hanna Öberg, and of course some people in my gym that are so kind and helpful!

I do not only work out a lot, I also keep in mind what I am eating, for a while I tracked my macro nutrients. Because at the beginning of my fitness journey I found out that my body did not get all the nutrients that it needed. I noticed this by having a lack of energy and losing muscle instead of building it. By tracking how many protein, fats and carbs my body needed and filling in what I was eating I started to learn more about nutrition and how I could influence this with certain foods. This also had a huge influence of my physique and suddenly building muscle wasn't that hard anymore. I started to love eating healthy more and more. Of course it does not mean I won't cheat, sometimes I LOVE a bucket of ice cream, but I do it in moderation. I do believe that it is important to keep in mind what you are eating and if it is sufficient for all the activities you do, we only have one body, we should take care of it!

Since then I have been stronger and fitter than ever not only in my physique but also in my mind.

There are several points why I love fitness and sports this much:

1. I met such amazing new people who are now close friends

2. Exercise helps you to strengthen your body and to keep your blood flow going, which can help to prevent injuries and disabilities when you age, but it also helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases. - personally I often had a sore back, when I started to do more bodyweight and weightlifting (basically strengthening my muscles) I noticed that I had this less and less.

3. Due to the release of certain hormones while you exercise it can help you feel happier --> Mental health!

4. Exercise is such an energy booster! Wooh! One of the main reasons for me!

I also started a new project kinda related to fitness, more of that in my next blog!


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