The book is published! Begrijp je paard, begin bij jezelf

Many photographers would like to photograph for books. So did I. How did I came to this opportunity? Would I do it again? The company? The book? I'll tell you all about it in this blog!

So a few months back I worked on a school project Marketing for the company Q4 Horse Profiles. Q4 Horse Profiles is a company with the product called the Q4HorseProfile. Now you are probably asking yourself but what is the Q4HorseProfile? The Q4HorseProfile is a report based on the rider|(you|) and your horse. It is based on 2 online questionnaires and it results in a report of 40 pages in which is prescribed what kind of rider you are and what kind of horse your horse is and together with several techniques will be shown how you can make your training more effective and so also get a better performance. Next to that they do workshops about their product, 1-on-1 coaching, trainings for instructors and certification courses.

I was speaking with the owner of Q4 Horse Profiles, Esther Huisman, and she told me about the book and if I would be interesting in photographing some scenes and profile pictures for them. Of course I was! This resulted in 2 shoots.

The first shoot was at the Horse Paradise Stables in Aalsmeer, we did some different sorts of scenes in here for the book, such as expressions, learning methods, et cetera. The second one was on 2 locations, firstly we went to Bas de Recht and Amber Knoppen from NCSAH and Equiscio. There we did a shoot with their 2 daughters and there ponies and we made some nice group photo's and some photo's of Bas and his beautiful Spanish white stallion. After that we went to the stable where Esther her horses are stabled to make a beautiful profile picture of her and her horses.

Just before Horse Event (9,10,11 September 2017) the book of Q4HorseProfile called 'Begrijp je paard, begin bij jezelf.' was published. The translation of the title in English is 'Understand your horse, start with yourself.'. The title basically already says what the book is about.

Last week I received the book and it is everything that I expected! Here some photo's:

The book can be bought by sending an email to


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