Tales by Light is a documentary made by Canon and National Geographic. A few weeks ago I discovered it at Netflix. Tales by Light follows Australian photographers around the world. In this documentary you will see why they photograph, what they have with their object and many more! These photographers are artists, aiming for the perfect image.

Today I finished all the episodes from Tales by Light. The photographers Peter Eastway, Darren Jew, Art Wolfe, Krystle Wright, Richard I'Anson are followed trough the documentary. I would want to share everything about the documentary because it is in one word : AMAZING! But you'd better check it out yourself if you have a netflix account.

In the documentary the photographers share their mind with you as they make the photograph. What's important, what they look for in a photograph, why they photograph etc. If you are into photography or not I really recommend you to watch the documentary, also if you are not into photography I expect that you are still inspired by the beauty of the world and these's 5 amazing photographers.

Here the trailer of Tales by Light - Season one

Have fun watching!

My respect to all the photographers mentioned above and ofcourse the maker Abraham Joffe! Well done! I am very impressed!

Xoxo Lisa

"Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." - Elliott Erwitt


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