Review about Saal Digital's Alu Dibond Butlerfinish

During the spring I tested the photobook of Saal Digital, now they had an advert on facebook for testing a print. Ofcourse I was in for this. I was really happy with their photobook and their service. For the print I chose Alu Dibond Butlerfinish because I was very interested in this type of print. In this blog I will tell you about my opinion of the print.

I already knew the software which Saal Digital uses to let their customers develop their own orders, the software is very easy and the product can be saved so you could make it over a longer time, for example for when you make a photobook. I ordered a 30x45 print in Alu Dibond Butlerfinish, a type of print which has a metallic look. I chose this type of print because I have a lot of Xpozers, of which I'm very happy about but the metallic look is something that is very different. I chose the aluminium hanging system.

The print arrived within 5 days after ordering, which I think is fast to take the order, develop the order and send the order. The print arrived last friday afternoon, safely packed in cardboard and 'cling film'(which is also wrapped around new dvd's and books etc), on top of the print they put a protecting foam so the print would not damage.

The photo looks very good on the Alu Dibond Butlerfinish, the material is hard and not so vulnerable and the print is very sharp. The Alu Dibond Butlerfinish is very different than the Xpozer but for me the Xpozer wins, why? Because the Xpozer gives more of a 3D look, the sharpness and smoothness in the photo comes out even better and I love the hanging system of the Xpozer which is very easy, on the contrary the aluminium hanging system which I chose for my print from Saal Digital was not so easy, I really needed to search where I needed to put it on the screw. Also there were no screws deliverd with the print unlike the Xpozer which does include the crew.

So the Alu Dibond Butlerfinish is a good print with a very good service and software but for me it does not win from the Xpozer which has a great system, amazing colours, sharpness and smoothness.

"All succesfull products followed a journey of Improvement, a journey that never ends"

Xoxo Lisa

Xpozer, photo made in the evening.

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