2017 has been a year full good times, laughter, sun, hapiness.. But the sun won't shine without rain to feed the plants in order to let new, beautiful, things grow. I'd like to call 2017 as a beautiful mountain. I have checked a few of my bucket list things and am still busy with more of those to check. In this blog I will make a summary of MY 2017.

A year goes by so fast... This year existed of some enormous peaks, but with peaks come of course valleys. I think I can see myself as an optimist, I'd like to see the positive in everything, and so also in these valley's. The valleys have brought me such enormous learning lessons, about life but also about myself. They made me a stronger person.

In February/March I went back to the Haras du Coussoul to photograph and for some foal births of course. On the first day of March I was able to help 2 little foals to this earth, both being born nearly at the same time, one whose mom decided she did not accept him, and one - who was the aunt of the not accepted foal - who had a rough birth, together with the vet I pulled her foal Horacio du Coussoul, a little beautiful Lusitano colt from Impala des Frettes and Querencia du Coussoul, out. The next day we experimented something, after having fed Lord Mistral, one of the most beautiful foals I've ever seen, the bottle every two hours, we decided to try to put him with Querencia and Horacio. Which worked. Beautiful days have passed and I feel blessed to have been a part of this miracle!

A little after that I was asked to work as an animator on the camping that I've been visiting since I was a little child. Honestly, I've been dreaming for so long of being an animator on Camping Domaine Chasteuil Provence. So yes, Ofcourse I did it!

In June I photographed my first wedding, which I absolutely loved and what I would like to do a lot more often!

And then there it was, time to go to Chasteuil(Castellane, Gorges du Verdon) for 2 months. I had been looking out for this date for months, it seemed to take forever, and I think I started 2 months earlier with practicing the MiniDisco dances, LOL. We all have that one summer that changes us, well this was mine. It was by far the most amazing summer of my life, thanks to the camping, my colleagues, the region.. The work itself was amazing to do, I would definitely do it again. But we also had a great team, a real "camping family". I have hiked, photographed, made videos, CHECK! Also I have bungee jumped CHECK! I did not forget the canyoning either, CHECK, and honestly without a camera (I know it sounds weird) heights can scare me a bit, especially when hanging on a rope and not having the ability to see where I'm going, it didn't exactly go supple hahaha, but the truth is, it helped me overcome my fears and it teached me a big lesson, also it gave me a great experience and lots of laughter! (one is coming online this week!) we road tripped. I have had great nights out, I have learned A LOT, I have met myself in ways I did not before.. And all of this gave me learning lessons..

Going back home was double.. I feel great in the South of France, I feel at home, I love the culture, the country.. the people.. and

don't forget the nature in the Gorges du Verdon. Often I read on the internet "We all have that one summer that changes us". Well, this was mine. But I also liked going back, seeing my family again, my friends, working on new projects, finding a placement.. But going on from that world, quiet nature relaxed to the Dutch randstad(City area), starting school and my job again, It is a world of difference. It took a bit of getting used to. And I would not see this negatively, I've said it many times but it's a learning lesson. Now you probably recognise why I think I'm an optimist, Haha!

At the end of October I went to the farm again, for a week where I visited Uni's for a possible semester in the South of France. Also I made there photo's for the horses that are for sale and I worked a bit on the farm, which I absolutely love, training horses, feeding, the beautiful places, nature and of course the Coussoul horse who stole my heart, they are different then the others.. So work willing, respectful, amazing to work with! I've made great photo's, learned new things..

After summer I went back to school, I've learned new things, and focussed myself on my 2018 plans which are still in process, I also focussed myself on my Instagram and getting my Social Media more attracting. I specialised my studies on Marketing, I am following new market courses at the moment and I am using my Instagram, Facebook and website to try out what I have learned on school. Marketing is a dynamic world and is a lot about trial and error if you ask me. I love marketing and applying this on the thing I am passionate about: PHOTOGRAPHY & TRAVELLING. So also that I started a couple of weeks ago seriously with my blog, posting every week at least one post ever since. And to be honest, I really love blogging, as you can notice I think due to my long posts, I would love to get feedback from the ones who are reading my blogs, do you like my long blogs or would you rather see it shorter? Would you like to get more photography technical blogs or experiences, or both? Tell me what you think!

As a final of this year I celebrated Christmas with my family. We gave and got a lot of great presents. I got amongst other things a Pandora Charm of my horoscope, Aries, and a very welcome new Benro Travel Tripod which will be of great use next year!

2017 has been an amazing year. Life goes so fast and how nice it would be if we could just sometimes stop the time for a moment. 2017 has been probably one of the most challenging and fun ones, I have learned incredibly much, about myself, my French, my photography and videography! I say this year has been very successful! Sometimes I think about how , capturing moments that would be otherwise gone. Also I had amazing family who supported me and my plans, who are with me no matter what. I got to know who real friends are and I got to learn this amazing girl who I met on Facebook on the 2nd half of 2016 even better, our friendship grew to best friends following by TWINS <3. She is a very talented photographer and traveller, my doppelgänger and even seems to be family <3

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