Photography is the beauty of life captured

What is photography and why do we take photo's? Well, we humans want to capture beautiful moments, people and animals that travel through our lives. It is a way to go back to this moment and to relive that special moment. So there you have the answer to the question about what photography is. And this is also why I love photographing. It let's me discover the beauty of life and of this earth.

Last week I did a love shoot with Janey and Tom, and I thought that was a pretty good example of showing the beauty of life, what a cute couple they are together! I highly believe in taking photos of moments and with our loved ones (of course would be crazy if I didn't as a photographer haha!). Life can be over tomorrow, and later, when we are old and looking back at life, these photos have such a big value! Keep on reading, there is a surprise at the end of this blog ;)

I did the photoshoot with Janey and Tom in the Mastbos, a beautiful forest in Breda, which isn't far at all. It gave my photos a really peaceful look, which I is what I wanted, because when I prepared my shoot I was searching for a peaceful, loving theme. The surroundings in the photo are a huge influence on the ambiance that the photo has, and this ambience has a huge influence on the message that the photo gives to the reader.

Below you can see a couple of my favourite shots from this shoot.

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