Photographing horses, I love it.

I haven't been photographing horses a lot since I came back from France. A few weeks ago a friend of mine got a new horse, and thus it was time for a new shoot! And oh, what do I love photographing horses... It is no new news that horses and photography are both passions of mine, so combining them is fantastic. Actually I should do more of photographing these beautiful creatures...

We had a lovely spring sun, with a bright blue sky and a lot of green plants on the stable - that for me is a 'YES I FOUND MY SPOT' place. I love a natural place with a lot of color, it just makes the photo so much more attractive and thus better, it nearly demands your eye to look at it. I took all my photo's with the Sony A7III and the Sony G-Master 70-200 2.8, a must-have lens if you are photographing horses.

Below you can see the photo's from our photoshoot.

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Xoxo, Lisa

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