Good evening y'all!

Since may I have my action cam, a sony as200vr, the R stands for remote, which is a sort of watch. Very easy because the filming object can be watched and the settings can be adjusted at the wrist.

Last summer I went back to the Gorges du Verdon, an amazing region with a lot of nature. The river called the Verdon and that is what the Gorges du Verdon stands for. In summer the sluices are opened 2 days a week to get rid of too much mountain water in the lake, this results in a higher river. During these days a lot of people go rafting with companies.

..And what do we do? We get a few inflatable bands, walk all the way up to the beginning of the camping and go into the river there, we go all the way up to the next camping which is about 2 kilometres away. At the next camping we get out of the river and walk back via the sides of the road.

Coming back on my action cam, we see some rough parts and it is beautiful to see the gorges from the Verdon so I decided to film it with my action cam. Yes, I am a bit late with the video but rather late than never!

This was my first blog, more to come about subjects in photography, filming and my experiences with photography and filming.

Have fun watching the video and let me know what you think, do not forget to put the resolution on 1080p!


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