If you have a website you probably recognise that in the beginning you are very happy with it, when it's getting older you see much more things that you would like to see differently or that you cannot do on your current website. That were my thoughts the last couple of months..

My website My website will be one year old on November 9 2016, it had all those shortcomings(especially since I started blogging) and things that I didn't like anymore so I decided to update my website. I have been working on my 'new' website for a few days, and that went pretty easy because I already knew how wix worked because I made my website last year and from updates.

WIX What I really like about WIX is that they have a lot of templates in all different kinds of categories and the best of all you can change everything you want by yourself, you do not need someone who works on your website when you want to make it, you want to update it or you want to change something. That is also why I chose for WIX in the beginning, I have worked with Weebly, which is also great but I could not change everything and they did not have as many templates as WIX.

Making a website in WIX In the beginning it was hard, it took me about two weeks(not non stop working but working a lot on it), now I know good how WIX works and it took me only a few days of which I did not have a lot of time and most of time it was uploading photo's in the albums.

I hope you like my website, let me know what you think about it on my Facebook page in the post about my new website!

Thanks for reading and sleep well!

CU xxx

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