Going back to France.. If you have read my previous blogs or have been following either my Instagram or my Facebook account you noticed that I was busy organising going back to the beautiful South of France, a region which stole my heart already many years ago and I keep falling in love with it. But enough about that, in this blog - which I had wished to publish sooner but was very busy with life here - I will write about my Roadtrip! Cause Yes, I took my little beloved car with me!

So I had my exams until the 2nd of February, 7 exams in one week, I basically learned all day long, during breakfast, during working out, during train trips, during diner, until I'd go to bed. I was determined to pass them all. Next to that I also tried to pack my stuff for France because I only heard one week ahead that I was allowed to come do my placement at Voyage Prive. Luckily I already packed all my summer stuff and things I did not need so that if I got the GO I did not have to worry too much about packing.

Friday I had my last exam and just before I would go I had to meet with the brother of my Soulmate & at the same time TWIN, I was going by car to my exam because I had it that early and I was tired so I could sleep out a little longer. I was going to meet him at a caféshop instead of the trainstation because of that. The reason why I would meet up with him is because my Josien (aka my TWIN) was living in Nigeria since August and he got back from a vacation there and he brought something from her for me. I was ofcourse curious and I was thinking why a coffee café and not just that I would pass by there home? But I didn't think much about it. Before I go on, you are probably wondering what she is doing in Nigeria, well her father works there and she took a studybreak and went there to be with her parents AND to help the local habitants and ORPHANS. To see what she is doing follow her Youtube channel! Going back to my story. So I came there at the coffeeshop, in

'old clothes' cause yes everything was packed up, tired because all the exams. I made my way into the parking garage and then saw half of Zeist to find the coffee café back again LOL. When I came there this girl stepped out, looking exactly like Josien. Meanwhile I was talking in my head to myself 'You are crazy, Josien is in Nigeria, she can't be here, it is just your imagination playing with you after all this hard work and lack of sleep of the past week.' And then when she hugged me, it hit me, she was actually there.. She and her whole team had been trying to keep this from me for at least 2 weeks, I was literally FLABBERGASTED, and so enormously happy that my best friend was back again, we had an amazing lunch together and did some shopping.

Now this blog is getting way longer than I was planning to but that just meant so much to me that I wanted to add it.

When coming home I started to pack my last things and loading everything in my car, and I literally was scared that this car would sag through its hooves (as we call that in Dutch). It was completely stacked up, but I was so surprised how much fits in that little trunk!

My beloved mom was driving with me and around 8am Saturday morning (3 February) we left for the first part of our Roadtrip. Driving was going Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! I drove the first day in total for about 5 hours, time was flying by and I think that it made is very easy because I love driving. Mom rode about 1,5 hours because she also loved to ride about. After half an hour as a passenger I was already bored (Oops..). We changed Cours from going through Luxembourg by going via Paris because show and slickness was expected in a part of Belgium and in Luxembourg. We sang and danced on the Music, have seen all different kinds of landscapes, of seasons. The first day we drove until Beaune which is in-between Dijon and Lyon, a little bit more than 700km. In the evening we already did some groceries shopping and we went eating at a Buffalo restaurant which was across the road but we drove ROUNDS to find how we could enter that LOL.

The next day we left early, about 7 o'clock in the morning, we still had 4 hours of driving, about 500 kilometres. By doing this we still had half our day to see a bit of the region, cause mom would leave already on Tuesday and it would rain both Monday and Tuesday. We rode the biggest part on the highway, coming across beautiful landscapes, have seen snow, have driven on a highway which goes straight through the city, which was Lyon and which really surprised me. The last part we drove first onto a little road which was about the size of my car (and mine is small, Fiat 500), next to that it was not an one-way road so I am beyond happy to not have seen any cars coming from the other side on the smallest part haha! Following by the left part riding into the mountains of the Parc des Alpilles, a MAGNIFICENT route, beautiful views and Yes mountains always have had something special for me, they give me this.. Adrenaline rush? Lust to discover? I believe that it is truly amazing what this earth consists off, lots of respect for

Mother Nature! About 11 o'clock we arrived in Mouries were we did some grocery shopping and around 12 o'clock we arrived at the farm were I am staying, packed out my whole car. Car; thank you so much for sagging through your 'hooves' LOL.

So that was basically my preparation and Roadtrip in 1, it is something special that I will never forget!

To be continued!


"This life is a constant journey of growing and refining of who we are."

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