My last season of working on the camping (as an animator)

I untied the knot. I made the decision. Last summer I did my last season on the camping where I grew up, where I met many amazing people, where I have the most amazing memories and most of all which feels like my home. I felt like it was time for me to move on in my life, to seek out to new adventures and to follow other dreams that I have. But honestly it's been a hard decision...

Most of you know that I worked on Camping Domaine Chasteuil Provence, located in the Gorges du Verdon. For the past few years the camping has been my home, all winter I dreamed of the mountains, the sun, the river, the late night auberge-espagnoles which we used to do every week with the whole team, entertaining children and learn & guide tourists through this beautiful region where I'm so passionated about. Through this years, I've met many people because of working the summer on the camping, and not even all of them on the camping but also many outside of the camping. Together all these people made me richer with memories, but also with knowledge. Some people know how I picture Castellane, compared to the Netherlands, Rotterdam, Castellane is pretty 'Hippie'. Which I like a lot, it taught me to be more chill, open minded, be positive and happy even with the very minimal and most of all not to judge to quick, live and let live. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I got to work at the camping, for all the people that I have met and all the memories I have made.

It is so weird though to imagine... The summer has been what I'd been living for all winter (that is how amazing it is!), I LOVE Castellane with all my heart. This region and the people that I have met there have been an influence to the person I am today.

I therefore will always advise to work a summer on a camping/hotel because:

- You get to know new people, which will maybe turn out to be very valuable to you

- You get new career experience

- It is just awesome and fun

- Depending on where you are going you could learn how to speak a new language

- You can discover a beautiful place at the same time (like the French Alps)

P.s. this won't be the last time that I will show my face at the place that I love most of course :)

Do you want to work on a camping as an animator like I did? In the Netherlands there is a company 'Team 4 Animation' who connects you to a camping and gives you trainings so you are ready for your first camping summer!

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