MUST-DO; Catamaran tour around Santorini

Santorini is a beautiful island with many unique and dreamy spots, especially popular by the younger travellers. You can reach these spots by car, but it is also amazing to see them from sea. Next to that, a Catamaran tour lets you swim at the hot springs and sometimes other parts of the Aegean Sea.

We went with Caldera Yachting Santorini, a yachting company recommended by our hotel and we took the half-day tour. We were picked-up at 9 in the morning in the village were we stayed and brought back at 2.30 pm. During the day we cruised across the island with the Catamaran, the captain showed us the black, white and red beaches and explained us why these beaches were called like that. Because, the beaches itself aren't actually those colours, the backdrops of the cliffs behind are coloured, which is caused by several minerals in the water. Except for black beach, the sand is black as it is made from lava, made by the Caldera which lies in front of the island.

When we passed those beaches, we cruised to the Caldera (Vulcano in Greek). Due to the large amount of heat that the volcano produces under water, it causes the water next to the volcano to heaven up; those are hot springs. Be aware! The hot springs have a large amount of sulfate in the water; which causes light colours and jewellery to turn orange!

After the tour we went back and we anchored in front of the cliffs, where we got to have lunch and swim in the amazing clear waters, such a treat!

The tour was definitely worth the money and I would recommend it to everyone!

For more Santorini tips, read my travel guide here.

Xoxo Lisa

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