La premiere randonner.. Hiking.. Walking around a beautiful region, discovering new places, new views and new things. In our first week we went to the Notre Dame of Castellane, Called the Notre Dame du Roc. A beautiful church originating out of 1876. The Notre Dame of Castellane is placed on a big rock which can already be seen from both sides at 15-30 minutes distance of arriving to Castellane.

The Chapelle

So as already said, the Notre Dame du Roc is originating out of 1876. The habitants of that time in the region started building the church in the start of 1800 on the ruins of the church which was originating out of the 9th century. In the 18 and 19 hundreds people would daily walk up to the church to pray. In the Notre Dame du Roc are beautiful painting which show the scene, the route. With a small extra, they have paintings like this dated out of different years, in which you see how the path has been changed over the years.

The Hike (La randonnée)

The hike is short, about 45 minutes walking up and 20 to 30 minutes walking down. So even if you do not walk that rapid you probably won't be walking more than 1 hour and 30 minutes in total. Next to that it is one of the easier hikes. also suitable for children and people who aren't easy walkers. During the hike you will see amazing views over Castellane. So definitely a recommendation to do if you are staying your holidays in the area!

We started walking in the afternoon when the temperature already dropped a little bit. We went with 4 of our team Lou, Julien, Clem and me. It was very nice to do a hike with the team, of course I already knew Lou and I knew who Clem was, but Julien was new in the team and I didn't know Clem that well. We had a lot of fun as you can see in the photo's below. We visited the Notre Dame du Roc, of course we made some selfies! Julien figured out his photography talents see here on the right 》》》》

We walked back pretty quick, after the hike we went into the small cozy streets of Castellane, where we got an ice-cream and after we finished our little tour through Castellane we got back to the camping.

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