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Most of you know why I have been away for 2 months. Let's first start with an explanation for the people who don't know. Last summer, summer 2017, I have been to France for 2 months, and what I did there? I was an animatrice - an animatrice is someone who organizes all the activities - on the camping where I'm coming back to every year since about 15-17 years ago. I was not just an animatrice on my own. I was an animatrice with the one and only Lou Jonker, who I've known for 15-17 years since she is the daughter of the owner.

So I left on the 3rd of July somewhere around 5.30am from home, I arrived approximately 10 hours later in Castellane where I was picked up by my chef.

We started I think the 6th of July with the animation, training ourselves with a few kids for the high season. The season went by extremely fast. We did a lot of things together as a team which made us like a second family.

The internet wasn't fast enough for writing blogs so that is why I am doing that now. Now you know why I've been away for a long time I am going to start writing my summer blogs with help of all the photo's we made - Yes, my camera follows me anywhere! - so keep updated on my website because very soon another blog will pop up!

XOXO - Lisa

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