I don't understand humanity... This is bothering me and I'll tell you why.

It is no new news that the Notre Dame of Paris (The Notre Dame of the World) got fire last night. The Notre Dame is truly a magnificent and magical building. I am happy to have been lucky to have visited it last November during my business trip to Paris. The Notre Dame of Paris is more than a church, it is a monument, a source of French history and a huge tourist attraction. I have never seen a church this beautiful, it is created with so much detail in mind, while visiting, you can't get your eye of it and leaves you amazed by the beauty and the work put on in this building.


Today I've been reading the news a lot... Hearing it on the radio and from people around me... I've been thinking, especially on my way back from work in the car... All these people donate from €1 to hundreds of millions of euros to rebuild a church. But every year the Amazon catches fire, because of a combination of climate change and deforestations. Children and people at certain parts of the world starve to death from hunger... Whales have been stranding on beaches lately, dead from the amount of plastic they have eaten because WE PEOPLE are too lazy to correctly throw our waste away and care for the earth. 3 rhino's and 100 elephants are poached EVERY DAY for their ivory, this means a big 37,5 THOUSAND per year. See the documentary work of Ben Wallace...

This church is getting hundreds of millions of donations for a rebuild, but never donate, care and act this much for our planet.

Source: Rhino by Geran de Klerk (stock photo), Plastic waste by Emmett (stock photo)

This is the earth where we have to grow our food, gather our food, grow our children, where we get to live. By deforestation we are cutting off oxygen, there is a reason why the Amazon is called 'the world's lungs', by poaching animals and causing animals to extinct we kill the natural predators of certain species, causing infestations. The human kind is already known as the most cruel and destroying species for this planet, but if we continue like this we will not only be polluting the earth, we will be destroying the earth, the earth that gives us live, that our children get to live on. And therefore we will be destroying our own species.

Let's start thinking more about our actions, about the problems we have to face and all the waste and pollution we humans create.



1. Throw away garbage at the right place (bins)

2. Sort paper, plastic, glas and rest waste

3. Think about when you take the car

4. Think about when you put on the heater and lights --> Learn to love sweaters

5. Use a refillable water bottle and reusable lunch containers

6. Learn to love left overs

7. Bring your own bag

8. Get sustainable products

9. Be mindful of your shower duration

10. Bring your own refillable coffee cup (I LOVE bamboo cup)

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