The year 2016 has gone by very fast, and it's already the 1st of january 2017. I want to wish everyone a very good (photographic) new year!

Did any of you capture the fireworks? Or did you just party hard?

No big blog for today, I just want to wish you a happy new year, soon I'll make a recap of 2016's photo's. For me 2016 has flew by, a lot has happpened and I've learned a lot.

In spring I went on a photography trip with my dad to Helgoland, which is a beautiful island between Germany and Denmark. We

photographed a lot there, mainly gannets and seals. Then in the summer I went to the Gorges du Verdon for 3 weeks where I photographed a lot of typical things from the provence, there I started a bit with making portraits from the local market's sellers, they are these typical happy people from the provence with their hand made bracelets, bags and fresh fruit grown in their own garden. Then in August I left for 10 weeks Provence again, but this time the Alpilles, close to Marseille, for a placement. I photographed a lot there, I improved big time in horse photography and I also started with videography of which I'm rounding up the editing

of that movie at this moment and I am hoping it to be online at the end of this week.

'My favourite photo is the one that I am going to take tomorrow.'


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