Can I live here please? This place and this view!

Wow! Last week I decided to go on the search to the sun and this place everyone recommended me. The weather forecast said 29 degrees and sunny, so after I went to the market I jumped in my car and drove to HYERES. This place is known for the turquoise water, the nature and let's not forget that it has some MAGNIFICENT islands!

So a little thing about Hyeres, Hyeres is a village on the Côte d'Azur between Marseille and Nice! This village also has islands, called the îles d'Hyeres (Islands of Hyeres). One of these islands is called Porquerolles, and is said to be at least as beautiful as Corse! Sadly enough I did not have the time yet to go there and see the islands but they are definitely on my To See list! But as I have seen Hyeres itself I surely believe that these islands are stunning. I read on the Office du Tourisme d'Hyeres website that there is also a bird parc for the people who love birds or bird watching or even just nature :).

Where I went to? I went to the Presqu'île de Giens, as it already explains itself in French it is nearly an island, called a peninsula in English. La Presqu'île de Giens is part of the Hyeres community and has a very small cute village. It's nearly fully surrounded by water, has the most beautiful views I have seen on the Côte d'Azur of which the islands and it's water is so blue! First I went to a little port where I saw beautiful views, a little old 'sentier' (path), and an old bridge above the water to extend this path. On my way to this port I drove along a beach which was fully occupied with surfers and kitesurfers, which surprised me because I always thought France wasn't that great to do surfing, however this seems to be one of the places that is, so if you are a surf freak and you are in the South of France, you now know where to go! After that I started driving a bit, through the little village of Giens, all the way to the South to La Tour Fondue. La Tour Fondue is the most south part of Presqu'île de Giens and from there you can take the boat to the islands, and from there also you have a view on the islands and the old barrack that is still there, after that I wondered around and I found a little beach with no-one there, a view on boats and the islands, COULD IT GET ANY BETTER?

After that I went to the goodbye party from Sandra, a camping colleague from last year. A very special person, loving, respectful, helping, optimistic.. AND she has a great sense of humour Haha! Someone many people can take an example of! Sandra moved a view days ago to Canada and I hope she will have a great time there and make many beautiful adventures!

"Go where your dreams take you"


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