As a child climbing up the stairs of the playing area, endlessly swinging on the swings, playing in the river, catching little fish and making a "Lake" for them in my inflatable boat. Playing pingpong as a teenager, sitting aside the river talking and laughing at night, helping with the animation, discovering and photographing the region and now BEING AN ANIMATRICE.

As you probably have noticed in my intro I basically grew up on this camping. I came to this camping since I was about 3/4 years old. Many people ask me "Won't it get bored?" No not at all. There is something for everyone who loves nature, mountains and travelling. 

Camping Domaine Chasteuil-Provence is a quiet family camping, recently qualified with 4 stars from the Dutch ANWB. Domaine Chasteuil-Provence is based a bit further away from Castellane, in a beautiful and quiet part of the Gorges du Verdon underneath a tiny village called Chasteuil. Castellane is still at a great driving distance of about 10/15 minutes. You could even walk there by going up to Chasteuil and following a path their to Castellane, which will take you 3/4 hours to arrive at Castellane. The camping is placed along the river, offering beautiful and quiet places filled with NATURE NATURE AND NATURE. In the morning when waking up you hear the sound of the river and all the birds. Oh and let's not forget that the camping is located between two beautiful lakes, called Lac du Castillion and Lac de Sainte Croix.

The camping offers an animation program which is mainly based on children since it is a family camping. In the morning it starts with the Miniclub which is crafting, painting and colouring for children with the age of 4+ years old. Following by a sportive activity such as Aqualympiade, Jeux dans l'eau (Games in the water), Diving and bomb competition, Volleyball etc etc. for the children about 8/10+(depending on the activity). In the evening often a MiniDisco is done, during the MiniDisco the animators will dance and everyone can dance with them (extremely popular with young children!!). In the evening sometimes a sportive activity is done such as Football or an other sort of activity such as Poker or Music Night by a DJ of music group or a lampion walk! 

Next to having the ability to go to the pool and do animation activities the river also offers many people a lot of fun. Especially teenagers can often be found in the river, who offers coolness and a lot of fun (discovering, going with floats off the river etc.), for adults it also offers the ability to tan, read a book(in the shadow or sun) and to get coolness. 

But let's not forget the region the camping is placed in! The Gorges du Verdon offer MANY hikes, autoroutes, belvederes, and places that are a MUST-GO! If you like walking but don't want to do a long walk you can start directly at the camping and walk up to Chasteuil, a road can be followed and because of that it is easy walking and you will see MAGNIFIQUE views! Next to that there is also the GR4, Sentier Martel, Route des Crêtes (where often vultures can be seen) and many other routes and hikes that are beautiful to do and about what the employees in the reception would like to explain you everything about! Also villages such as St. André, Castellane, Moustiers-Ste Marie etc etc. beautiful to visit and sniff the culture!

The camping also has its own local shop where you can get some veggies, other food, local products, and let's not forget the FRESH croissants et baguettes in the morning! And of course the ICECREAM! On the camping is also a restaurant located and there are 3 showering/toilet places, 1 in the North part, 1 East and 1 West, cleaned several times a day. 

On the website of the camping a VIRTUAL VISIT can also be done!

I think I could talk hours and hours about the region and the camping, every year I discover new things, to do and to photograph. If you want more information or if you have questions, feel free to email me!

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