Probably many of us have a bucket list, a list with all the things we wish to do in our lives. for the one it is finding a job, for the other it is travelling, and the other loves adrenaline and wants to BUNGEEJUMP or jump with a PARACHUTE. Since about 1,5 year I also have a bucket list and I am trying to fill it up with my wishes and dreams and also make them come true.

This summer I did several things that were on my bucket list, such as being an animator on the camping, improve my French, canyoning but also BUNGEEJUMPING.

I remember it like yesterday, I went grocery shopping with Sonia, we were washing the car when Lou called me. 'Lisa, we are going bungeejumping Sunday morning, we spoke about this on the start of the season. Would you like to come too? It's the little jump of just 80meters.' On which I reacted 'JUST 80 METERS? THAT IS SMALL?! uhh it's my dream but I need to think a bit about it, I'll let you know when we arrive on the camping in about 20 minutes'. LOL when I'm looking back my reaction makes me nearly pee my pants from laughter.

So it was a wrap, we went bungeejumping with 5 of our team. Lou, Julien, Octavian ( aka Brutus ) and Tom. We left the Sunday morning early, it was a small hour by car, of which we made 2 hours because we drove to the wrong side of the mountain. The bungee jump took place in the beautiful red mountains of Gorges de Daluis, close to Guillaumes.

I can tell you all about how it was, how crazy, satisfying, dreamy, scary, beautiful but isn't it way better to just show it by a video?

Click on the link on YOUTUBE (right corner) beneath here to go to the youtube video!

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