BEST OF 2018

2018 has been an enormous year for me, which has brought me a lot photography, personal and professional wise. It was a year with many ups and downs, some bigger than other, but all have brought me great joy and huge lessons. This year was all about lessons, learning from all the experiences that life has brought me, 2019 will be game time! In this blog I will share my experiences shortly, my message to you which I have learned in 2018 and I will share my best photo's of 2018.

Moving to France

In February this year I went to the South of France for 7 months, I lived in the Bouches-du-Rhône, of which the Parc des Alpilles, Aix-en-Provence and after that I moved to the Gorges du Verdon for 2 months. These 7 months were the one of the best experiences in my life, a lot happened during this period. I got to do such a beautiful job of welcoming some magnificent foals on this earth, I had a great internship where I learned a lot, I travelled a lot, I did a lot of road trips, met many new people, made new friends, got tanned, jumped of rocks, climbed through a forest, rode a horse during the eclipse IN THE MOUNTAINS (not just walking but also galloping) HOW COOL!, I went to the best parties, people I just knew became my best friends and people I'd been very close with had become strangers. And I can go on like that forever about this, I've got unending stories to tell...

Turning bad experiences into positive lessons

Also some less exciting things happened, I got hit with my car by another car (luckily not too bad), I had an eye accident and I nearly lost my eye, I got stitched up and given sondes in Cannes by a micro surgeon specialised on eyes. Due to living for a good period of time abroad I also learned who my real friends were and who were not. I am looking back at those experiences all with a positive view. These experiences have made me the person that I am today. They made me stronger, wiser, harder, they have shown me how grateful and cautious we should be with our eyes, they are so fragile and they show you your world.


This accident has shown me what a great group of people I have around me, a big Thank you to Lou, who helped me out every day and who is so good at her job! <3 And of course to her parents who were with my whole hospital journey after. To my colleagues, especially Alex who was always there for me with her magical hugs. And not only for this time, but for always! For being part of my life :)


My message which I want to tell with this story is: be grateful for what you get and for what you experience, try not to only look at the negative side. Because those negative things can make you only better if you let it! If something bad happens to you and you get knocked down, get back on your feet. And make sure you get back at least 10 times stronger. I believe that everything that happens to us happens to makes us stronger, wiser, and more grateful. They prepare you for your future!

My best photos

I love to photograph, I think that has been clear. What I really adore is travel photography, because I can capture moments and persons that I have met. So later on in life, I will not only have the memories, I'll have the photos that support it. And even better, I can share my experiences and my view of the world with other people. That is also why I love it so much to write those blogs, so I can inspire other people to follow their heart, to go see the world, to make their dreams come true. Life is short and is not only sunshine and rainbows, so make sure you make the best of it, make sure that you have people around you that love you and support you during a storm! <3 Below you can see the photos that I have made in 2018, that have made me proud of my own work and that all cary their own story with them.

For example the portrait in the right corner all below. This man is a homeless person which I met on the market in Aix-en-Provence. He barely speaks and has not many teeth left. He sat there all day on a little stone step trying to get some Euro's to get food. In Aix-en-Provence are many homeless people, but what made him stand out to me was his facial expression. His expression to me is a summery of all the experiences in his life, it speaks, it gives you questions and makes you speculate, is he homeless? Is he old? What did he experience in life?

Sharing is caring <3

I hope you all had a great year. If you are sharing your best photos on Instagram, please tag me in them! I am so curious seeing all of your work! Have a Happy New Year and make sure that you will rock 2019, work hard to make your dreams come true.

Xx Lisa

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