The basics of photography, like most other things in life the basics are the most important to get a good result. From there on you can work into further 'details'. What are the basics of Photography?


You do not need a professional camera to make good photo's, because it is also the person behind it and the kind of glass your lens is made of. I tend to prefer a camera which allows you to adjust the shutter speed, ISO and diaphragm. Nowadays we also have compact camera's which allows you to adjust things like shutter speed, ISO and diaphragm. Another thing that is important is to know how your camera works, I believe that can be done the best by practicing a lot!

Composition? Exposure? Background? Horizon? Light?

I can tell you all about composition and exposure but let's keep it simple today. What I believe is really important in a photo is the background, A photo with a smooth background is better with a photo with a busy background. Why? This is because on a photo with a busy background you are attracted to the background instead of the object you are photographing. With nature photography I like to have a background which belongs to the animal's habitat I am photographing. So if I am photographing a Vulture which lives in the

mountains I'd like to have a nice and quiet background of the mountains. I also want this with horse photography so that the horse is the object in the photo that gets the attention.

Then the horizon, making the horizon right gives most of the time the best result, it already speaks for itself, for example with a photo of the sea you make sure that the horizon is right, this can be done on every picture, take something that is already horizontal and adjust your picture to that 'line'.

Always watch your light, especially in summer the sunshine during the mid time of the day can be really harsh, the sun is at its best in the early morning and ev

ening, in the evening there is this 'golden hour' and you can already expect it by the name, it gives a golden tint which can be really beautiful. 'Good weather' does not always have to be good weather for photographing though, 'bad weather is colour weather'. When it is a bit cloudy the light is much more smooth and so also the colours.

Next time

A blog about composition, exposure, sharpness etcetera will follow soon! So if you do not want to miss it follow me on my facebook where I will post the link or check out my website so now and then!

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Good luck photographing!

“Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.” – Yousuf Karsh

CU xxx

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