Summer 2017, Haras du Coussoul in autumn, long exposure at the beach.. Well I can say that I still have plenty of work to share with you guys! I have been absent for some time because of being busy creating new work, school, finding a placement etc. But I'm back and stronger than ever!

I still have so many stories and photo's to share, I just finished all the photo's from the summer and Haras du Coussoul during autumn AND I am now working on making small video's of the summer!

This to

1. Improve my video editing skills

2. To have beautiful video's to look back on!

Currently I am also trying to find a marketing placement located in the South of France, preferring something with Tourism or Travelling or Photography/Videography, since those things are some of my greatest passions and my study concerns marketing - which I absolutely love! But it has been harder than I would have thought in advance.. If you know something in this area, let me know! I believe that passion is one of the most essential things when practicing a job or internship. The one who loves his job never works a day in his life!

The coming weeks I will post blogs about all my travels from the past year and I have got also more ideas for 2018.. Which I will maybe also share with you.. TO BE CONTINUED!


"You only fail when you stop trying"

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