An insight into Zakynthos, Greece

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

A few weeks ago I went to Zakynthos, a beautiful island of Greece. The island amazed me in many ways. Of course, I made a lot of photos. In this blog I will explain you more about Zakynthos and show you its beauty.

When we arrived it was 20 degrees and sunny, however it felt warmer. We made our way on small mountain roads through the villa we had hired through Airbnb (no.1 tip, USE AIRBNB). Our house was located on a hill, just in front of the cliffs with a beautiful coast and sea view. That first day, we went grocery shopping, such a challenge because everything was written in Greek letters! Haha. The rest of the day we worked on our tan and we went to PANOS, my favourite restaurant of Greece. They have the best original greek food, with the best Bruchetta's I've ever tasted and such an amazing service! We even came back another time!

The next few days we had gray and windy weather, not typically the weather to tan. So we decided to visit things and views on the island. We quickly noticed that in Zakynthos it is way different to drive than in the Netherlands. From going from the east to the west side of the island we had to cross on mountain roads, where often only 1 car fitted, filled with bumps (do you already imagine us back in the car bumping up hahah). I thought the mountain roads in the Alps could be tough, but this was something different, with our Citroën rental car we crossed all the way through the island. We went to beautiful places such as the traditional windmill, the viewpoint of Navagio beach, the city Zante, the village Keri and many more. In a few weeks my travel guide about Zakynthos will be online!

Zakynthos is a beautiful island with still a lot of 'wild' and 'untouched' land, an incredible clear sea and amazing views. Definitely a beautiful summer destination. Oh and... The food there... It's mouthwatering good!

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