So yesterday I told you about the birthstory and that one foal was rejected. But you can't keep a foal alone right without a momma? Well actually you can but you should give bottles every two hours and it is not the best solution since they have no mother that raises them and teaches them what is right and what isn't. In this blog I will tell you how we solved this.

So in the morning of the 1st of march when the vet was gone we decided to try an adoption process with Querencia - The other mare who also got her first foal-, in order to do this we blindfolded Querencia with a cloth and let the little Mistral who is called Lord Mistral du Coussoul drink from her udders. She directly reacted as a real Mom. She softly neighed to him and sniffed him. We rubbed him in with her placenta and she accepted him as her own. We stayed their for about 10 minutes to see if everything was going well, which it definitely was.

Lord Mistral du Coussoul still gets extra milk from us to make it easier for Querencia and to make sure that the Portugese foal also has enough milk. Till now on they are doing very well- Playing all around together and getting stronger and stronger each day!- Querencia has totally changed in her behaviour, her eyes- she shines like never before- Such an amazing Maman! It is very rare for a horse to accept another foal like this, to me Querencia is a legend! It reminds me why I love the Portugese horse breed the Lusitano so much- The Lusitano is such a noble, respecting, loving horse and they want to work with humans, it wants to communicate with humans.

Here on the right: Lord Mistral du Coussoul.

I am now working on a 'What's in my camera bag?' blog so keep tuned!

I am sorry about that this blog was 2 days late! Foaling season is pretty busy!


Enjoy the spring! It is so beautiful with all the new creatures who are being born!

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